Softcraft – Library Management

Library, is a Softcraft module that is designed for an organisation to provide users with the latest versions of existing documentation. For this, lists of publications are created. Then groups of users are added. Whenever a new document is placed in the list, all users belonging to the group in the list are notified by email. The system also stores wich users have consulted the new documentation and can automatically send a reminder to users who have not yet consulted or downloaded the new documentation after some time.

Some of the features are:

  • Management of publication channels;
  • Management of publication groups;
  • Management of publication lists;
  • Assign groups of users to publication lists;
  • Definition of publishers to every channel;
  • Definition of subscribers;
  • Acknowledge of receipt for  new documents;
  • List of available latest documents to subscriber;
  • Download of documents on demand;
  • Automatic notification of new documents to users;
  • Alerts of documents not yet acknowledged by users;