Softcraft-SMS Risk Management

Softcraft-SMS Risk Management module is the Safety Manager companion for:

Identify all available hazards in the organization, define mitigation tasks, periodically review the identified hazard, and still have all the historical data from previous versions. Build the organization hazard catalog.

Perform of Risk Assessments are made using the pre-identified hazards from the risk catalog or adding new unknown ones. These risks may arise from non-conformities raised in the compliance modules, from reports originating from Occurrence Reporting, from events in the Hazard Log, etc.
Mitigation can be made by defining all necessary sets of tasks, that, when executed, guarantee the reduction of the risk to the desired levels.

In management and risk mitigation, we emphasize the following aspects:

  • Management of Hazard Log;
  • Management of Risk Assessments
  • Cross-check of hazards against risk assessments;
  • Execute Risk Assessment with hazards from the Hazard Catalog
  • Task assigned to mitigate hazards;
  • Approval and acceptance of risks;
  • Periodically risk revaluation;

Softcraft-SMS Fast Risk Assessment


Fast Risk Assessment (FRA) stands as a cornerstone for organizations aiming to bolster their safety protocols. This adaptable tool facilitates the collaboration of multiple safety departments, allowing them to construct comprehensive safety checklists tailored to their specific needs. By incorporating pre-assessed questions and mitigation strategies, the FRA streamlines the risk assessment process, ensuring thorough evaluations and proactive risk management. Its simplicity and flexibility empower safety professionals to swiftly identify potential hazards and implement effective mitigation measures, thereby safeguarding both personnel and assets. With the FRA, organizations can cultivate a culture of safety excellence while maintaining operational efficiency.

  • Mobile Fast Risk Assessment;
  • Create a database of pre-assessed list of questions;
  • Assignation of assessed answers for the questions;
  • Assignation of assessed mitigation answers;
  • Automatic Risk Calculation;
  • Central registration of checklist assessments;

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