Softcraft – Occurrence Reporting

The Occurrence Reporting is Softsegment solution that aims to handle all occurrence reports at a organisation level as well as its impact on quality and safety. The Occurrence Report module as a central structure to collect and manage of reported information that comes from different sources and is usually  related. The related information is aggregated in cases. Cases contain the same event reported from different sources. This is a excellent way to understand how solid is your organisation and  how reliable is the organisation operating. This module is integrated with risk assessment and users may perform a pre-evaluation risk to each event.

Some of the features are:

  • ECCAIRS V4.1.0.7 Complaint
  • Customised registration system for certification type
  • Forwarding of information through several responsible persons
  • Accountability definition
  • Response process
  • Processing and analysis
  • Occurrence forwarding to aeronautical entities

Integration with risk assessment module