Softcraft-SMS Occurrence Reporting

The Softcraft-SMS Occurrence Reporting module is a comprehensive reporting set of functionalities to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, while also facilitating continuous improvement initiatives.

The Occurrence Report module is a central structure to collect and manage reported information that comes from different but  related sources. This related information is aggregated in cases. Cases contain the same event reported from different sources. This is an excellent way to understand how solid is your organisation and how reliable is the organization operating.

By centralizing occurrence data and facilitating collaboration among stakeholders, the SoftCraft-SMS Occurrence Report Module plays a key role, enhancing safety culture and contributes to mitigating risks across the aviation ecosystem. Its user-centric design and robust features make it an indispensable tool for organizations committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.

Softcraft-SMS Occurrence Reporting is integrated with the EASA ECCAIRS2 platform with two options available E5X files or direct E2 API. 

Some of the features are:

  • ECCAIRS V5.1.1.2 Compliant;
  • Management of multiple sources of reporting centralized in a Case;
  • Enbedded Risk Access if needed;
  • Case Classification under EASA (ADREP) rules;
  • Custom Classification based on the organization’s business requirements;
  • Graphical Statistics;
  • Root Cause Analysis;
  • Occurrence Analysis and Conclusions;
  • Notifications for regulatory of reporting dates;
  • Pivoting table to aggregate and count occurrences with multiple parameters ;
  • Direct Integration with EASA E2 API;
  • Integration with EASA and other authorities with E5X report files;
  • Integration with risk assessment module;

Softcraft-SMS Mobile Reporting

SoftSegment’s SoftCraft-SMS Mobile Occurrence Report is an innovative mobile app, that enables users to report occurrences offline, even in remote areas or during flight operations. This feature ensures uninterrupted reporting, allowing aviation professionals to document incidents promptly and accurately, thereby enhancing safety culture and regulatory compliance. 

Softcraft-SMS Anonimous Reporting Site

SoftCraft-SMS Anonymous Site offers a straightforward, autonomous web platform for anonymous occurrence reporting. The site is integrated with the Softcraft-SMS Occurrence Reporting module and may be used within the organization’s intranet/extranet systems. Additionally, the platform is optimized for accessibility on portable devices, ensuring convenient reporting anytime, anywhere.

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