Softcraft-SMS Compliance Monitoring

Softcraft-SMS Compliance Monitoring module controls how organizations, adhere to specific laws, regulations, standards, or internal policies relevant to their operations. It involves ongoing surveillance, assessment, and reporting of activities to ensure that they align with established requirements. The software is organized from an auditor’s perspective, and after the initial setup, all internal audits are managed automatically. It supports up to 10 independent areas of compliance in one organization, this is a great feature for organizations that need to manage different and independent areas of business. This module can be used in different types of organizations with different needs of legislation.

  • Compliance – EASA Regulations (AERODROMES, ATO, ATS/ANS, CAMO, PART-M, PART-ML, PART-145,…)
  • Compliance – ICAO
  • Compliance – ICAO Based National Regulations
  • Compliance – IATA – IOSA
  • Compliance – ISO 9000, 14000, 20000, 27000…
  • Compliance – Organization Internal Regulations and Policies.

Softcraft-SMS Compliance Monitoring module is used to perform internal, and external audits and inspections. Audits can be recurrently configured and users and auditors notified when the audit is approaching. The module includes all the steps needed to perform an audit, from preparation to execution and conclusion. The full lifecycle of findings found on an audit is handled with all involved persons notified when needed.

Over time statistics are built. These statistics take into consideration the root causes. Analyses of the findings allow simple trend analytics over them, allowing the organization to have a better understanding and control of their compliance performance.

The Compliance Monitoring modules are integrated with the Risk Assessment module allowing auditors/auditees during audits to define a pre-risk evaluation of the findings found based on the organization’s risk matrix. This preliminary risk is visible to the Safety Management team which can act upon it if needed.

Some of the features of the Compliance Monitoring module are :

  • Manage multiple requirements;
  • Automatic generation of annual audit plan;
  • Checklists based on any legislation;
  • Audit management process;
  • Management of findings from opening to close;
  • Findings follow up;
  • Attach documentation to audits and findings with contextual information;
  • Audits and findings Reports;
  • Preliminary risk evaluation on findings;
  • Integration with Softsegment risk assessment;
  • Automatic notifications to all users involved in an audit;
  • Automatic notification to relevant users of audit closure;
  • Automatic notification to relevant users of audit cancellation;
  • Notification of findings to all stakeholders;
  • Notification of assignment, reassignment, acceptance, rejection, and closure of findings;
  • Alerts of due date expire for assigned findings;
  • Alerts of expired findings due date;
  • Root cause analysis;
  • Trend analysis;

An App for IOS and Android is available for auditors to perform audits using their devices or devices belonging to the organization. The Softcraft-SMS Audit App is built to perform offline, auditors can perform audits with access to the internet. These audits will be automatically synced with the server when the internet is detected.

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