Softcraft – Compliance Monitoring

Compliance Monitoring is the Softcraft Solution for Managing Quality inside the organisation. The software is organised with an auditor’s perspective, and after the initial setup all internal audits are managed  automatically.  It supports up to 10 independent areas of compliance in one organisation, this is a great feature to organisations[…]

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Softcraft – Occurrence Reporting

The Occurrence Reporting is Softsegment solution that aims to handle all occurrence reports at a organisation level as well as its impact on quality and safety. Having a central structure to collect and manage of reported information that comes different sources and most of the times are related the Occurrence[…]

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Softcraft – Library Management

Library, is a Softcraft solution that is designed for an organisation to provide users with the latest versions of existing documentation. For this lists of publications are created. Then groups of users are added. Whenever a new document is placed in the list, all users belonging to the group in[…]

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Softcraft – Risk Management

The Softcraft Risk Management solution enables management of identified risks in the organization. These risks may arise from non-conformities raised in the compliance modules, from reports originating from Occurrence Reporting, from events in the Hazard Log, etc. All those risks are managed in this solution. Mitigation can be made by[…]

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